Cashmere Essentials is pleased to stock a wide range of products from Æ / BLÆST —a Norwegian brand founded by designer Lisbeth Lillebøe for women who want to look elegant and glamorous, while staying dry in all kinds of weather.

From the first moment, BLÆST’s colourful, playful, high quality rainwear is sure to impress. Æ / BLÆST uses superior quality technical fabrics specifically designed for outdoor use. They transform these fabrics into modern, chic clothing while maintaining all their functional qualities.

Not only that, Æ / BLÆST is produced according to the European Union’s environmental REACH standard and to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class II.

Æ / BLAEST is distributed by leading fashion stores, such as Cashmere Essentials, in eight countries across four continets. Manufactured using only the best materials, and featuring sealed seams and many functional details, this rainwear provides the ultimate protection against the rain. Best of all , the pieces are all fashionable, versatile and comfortable to wear anytime, anywhere-with or without rain.

About Lisbeth Lilleoe

Lisbeth Lilleboe has lived all her life in Bergen, Norway, where ther is more than 200 rainy days every year. As a child, Lisbeth was always told that there was no bad weather, only bad clothing. Inspired by that she has created the functional, colorful and unique collections of raincoats, rain jackets, umbrellas and rubber boots for rainy days and rought weather, or simply whenever you want to dress in a beautiful coat.